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The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) Four Thousand Footer Club was formed in 1957 to introduce hikers to some of the less known sections of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  At that time, peaks such as Hancock, Owl's Head and West Bond were trail-less and rarely climbed.  The problems of overuse were unknown, except along the heavily visited Presidential Range and Franconia Ridge.

The creation of "the list" provided a reason for hikers to explore new areas, and in turn lessen the concentrated use of the aforementioned areas.

Today, the Club is composed of active hikers whose travels in the mountains continue to keep us informed with the changing conditions of the White Mountain backcountry. Each year, individuals, friends, and families, take up the pastime of hiking.  Somewhere along the way they get hooked on the pursuit of hiking the four thousand footers.  For some it is done as a physical challenge.  For others it's an opportunity to pursue a shared goal.  For families, it's a way to build bonds that will last a lifetime.

It is the hope of the Club that these experiences will keep our members working for the preservation and wise use of wild country, so that it may be enjoyed and passed on to future generations undiminished.

Highlights ~ 2014 Awards Night & Annual Meeting

It was another record year for the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club, with 653 applications received for the lists recognized by the Club.  Approximately 500 people attended the annual meeting the evening of April 12.  And, six canines also appeared to receive their certificates.  Highlights here

At right:  Dr. Leonard J. (Joe) Nyberg Jr. receives his NE67 certificate from Committee member Sue Eilers.  Dr. Nyberg was this year’s oldest finisher for the NE67.  And last year, he was the oldest finisher for the WM48.  Here’s hoping the trend continues next year, for the NE100! (PHOTOGRAPH: Dawn Nyberg.)

If you would like to view the 2014 Awards Slideshow produced by Pat Piper and Nancy Sporborg of “It’s Not About the Hike” you may watch it on youtube:


Winter Ended on March 20, 2014 at 12:57 p.m.

If you hiked a 4000 footer on Thursday, March 20, and want it to count as an official winter peak, be sure you ENDED your hike BEFORE 12:57 p.m.  For the peak to count, your entire hike, start to finish, must occur during the official winter season.

Did You Know

…that all of the Four Thousand Footers in New England have trails to the summit, or, in two cases, well-beaten herd paths?  The only list recognized by the Four Thousand Footer Club that contains true bushwhacks is the New England Hundred Highest List (NE100).  The Club designed patches for the NE100 finishers, and, the Club maintains a list of the finishers and acknowledges new finishers with a certificate at the annual Awards Night.

Other “bushwhack” lists have evolved over the years, and have been maintained by individuals active in the bushwhacking community—a practice that continues today.  If you would like more information on those lists you may contact Keith D’Alessandro at keithwm48@aol.com.  Please note that, although some of the individuals who have overseen these other lists may also have been members of the Four Thousand Footer Club Committee, like Keith, they manage those lists as private individuals, and not in any association with the Club.

If you are currently pursuing a bushwhacking list, the Four Thousand Footer Club Committee hopes you will “whack” safely, and respect private roads and private land, remembering that some land owners may not welcome hikers on their property, or, the public dissemination of information relevant to their private roads and lands.

New Bog Bridges on Hancocks & Wildcats

PHOTOGRAPH: John J. Gutowski Jr

Hikers will have an easier time keeping their feet dry with all the new bog bridges installed this past summer between North and South Hancock, and, along the Wildcat Ridge Trail.  The installation of these bridges was made possible by the generous donations of members of the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club.  Hancock photos here.  Wildcat photos here.

National Trails Day Photos

PHOTOGRAPH: Cristin Bailey.

The White Mountain National Forest teamed with the AMC Four Thousand Footer Club for the 2013 National Trails Day on Saturday, June 1.  Volunteers worked alongside Forest Service employees on two work projects on Mt. Carrigain--bog bridge building and rock step work on the Signal Ridge Trail.  A third group hauled tools and supplies to the summit.  The Forest Service will be replacing all the wood on the fire tower in coming weeks.  Four members of the Four Thousand Footer Committee were among the volunteers participating in the work parties.  A great time was had by all.  Thank you volunteers!!

A Quote…

Winter Slope Sky

In the mountains of truth, you never climb in vain.  Either you already reach a higher point today, or you exercise your strength in order to be able to climb higher tomorrow.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900

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